About Buz Cooper MD

Richard (Buz) Cooper, MD is Director of the Center for the Future of the Healthcare Workforce at New York Institute of Technology and a Senior Fellow in the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at the University of Pennsylvania.  During more than 50 years as a physician, he has practiced hematology and oncology, conducted experimental hematology research, directed a cancer center (at Penn), been dean of a medical school (at the Medical College of Wisconsin), led a health policy institute (also at Wisconsin) and initiated a workforce center (at NYiT).  Over the past 15 years, his efforts have been focused on critical issues in health care policy related principally to the demand for physicians and other health care professionals and the forces that drive health care spending. Through this journey, he has rediscovered the essential role of professionalism in health care and the central importance of poverty  in the growth of health care spending.